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Rebecca Riggs is managing consultant and lead trainer at Crisis Ready whose work focusses on improving communication in crisis, emergency and disaster.

Her particular areas of focus include: narrative and messaging for behaviour change, the Messenger-creating authentic and powerful spokespeople, ensuring coherence and unity between policy level strategies and front-line process, and delivering complex scenario-based training exercises to build capacity.

Rebecca consults and trains Emergency Services and various levels of government in Australia and has worked across a wide variety of sectors throughout the Asia Pacific region including: infrastructure, mining, local and IT, airports and education. Her decades of experience as a performer and director give her the capacity to design and deliver specialist performance and spokesperson training and to develop unique scenario - training narratives to challenge and teach the necessary lessons.

She is a Fellow of EMPA (Emergency Media and Public Affairs) and the Co-chair of the EMPA Knowledge and Development Committee, and is also a Fellow of CEDM (Centre for Emergency and Disaster Management) She has lectured at Universities in Queensland and NSW and her research project - Understanding Resistance to Disaster Messaging, with Dr. Lynda Shevellar (Community Development at The University of Queensland) has been published in AJEM.

Rebecca works to three rules: acknowledge complexity, build connections and tell the story. She believes that when the problems are complex and interwoven – the solutions must be as well. The challenge then is to create systems that are complex enough to be realistic and simple enough to be useful. Rebecca wants to build connections: connections between policies and the concrete tools to carry them out; connections between corporations and the communities in which they work; connections between teams and between the conceptual frameworks they use. She has worked with perception and narrative for decades and has seen the power of the right story to teach new ideas, shift behaviour and create real change.