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Lorraine ChurchillWith over 20 years’ service, Lorraine Churchill brings extensive private sector, military, government, and nonprofit experience as an emergency management (EM) practitioner in an array of disasters, and is a planner, a certified trainer and instructor across a broad spectrum of essential EM and community resilience functions. She provides EM and continuity planning services internationally as well as speaking engagements at local and international events. 

Lorraine currently serves EM for the Cowlitz Indian Tribe in Washington after previously holding a similar role with the Cowlitz County Sheriff’s Office’s Department of Emergency Management. Lorraine also served the Portland Urban Area Securities Initiative (UASI) with a diverse portfolio inclusive of local and regional jurisdictions supporting stakeholders ranging from the Fire & EMS, Law Enforcement, to the Ports & Civil Aviation Work Groups, before recruitment to duties overseas.

She is a veteran Planning Section Chief, National Incident Management System All-Hazards Incident Command System (ICS) and PIO Instructor, an ALICE Active Threat Instructor, a Critical Infrastructure Planner and leads Training, Exercise & Education Outreach as part of her role for the Cowlitz Indian Tribe. Lorraine also serves the Cowlitz SAFE (Schools Alliance for Emergencies) group, is the Tribe’s Local Emergency Planning Committee liaison, and is a Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) Instructor.

A native of the Pacific Northwest, Lorraine lived first-hand the impact of the Mount Saint Helens eruption of 1980 and witnessed its long-term effects on the region, especially for rural communities. This childhood experience significantly contributed to her fascination with science and our planet as a living, breathing organism. Lorraine focused her early studies on Earth Systems and remains a lifelong student of all things affecting our landscape, oceans, habitat, and our practical interaction with our environment.

Lorraine also experienced numerous flooding events in her hometown, including presidentially declared disasters, as a local citizen and as a public servant. Lorraine has supported Pacific Northwest incidents ranging from snow, ice, flood, special/community events, Line of Duty Deaths, rail, HAZMAT, epidemics and fire incidents. Internationally, Lorraine headed a multi-national team serving the crisis communication and incident management needs of Australia’s 2014 G20 Brisbane Summit, and as a believer in backup to backup plans and a FEMA Continuity Practitioner, Lorraine also delivers Continuity Planning internationally and domestically, which included assisting New Zealand’s largest exporter with their global Crisis Continuity systems. To continue best practice sharing, Lorraine also speaks and participates in U.S. and international forums in Australia, New Zealand, and Colombia.

Lorraine is an awarded, passionate supporter of and contributor to community resiliency, and travels wherever training is requested especially in support of whole community forums. She is a fellow and Advisory Board member to the Homeland Security Emergency Management Center of Excellence, Search & Rescue volunteer, former precision driver and stunt performer, SCUBA diver, and Emergency Management enthusiast. Risk and resiliency are yin and yang in Lorraine’s theology; she believes you cannot live without ‘living’.